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Cycling Programmes

Which of the following describes you best?

Wearing a Helmet

Get Started Cycling

New to cycling?

Maybe you've just bought a bike, want to join others on a ride or are looking for a new outdoor activity. If so, this is the option for you.

We'll cover bike handling skills, safe and confident road riding, increase your fitness and the teach you the basics of  bike maintenance and repair.

Family Bike Trip

Event Preparation

Have you got a challenge, event or ride that you want to tick off your bucket list?

This plan will be specific to your event and include a bike fit, nutrition and riding strategies that get you in the best possible place to meet your goals and enjoy them too.

Professional Bikers

Get Stronger Cycling

You're a regular cyclist and would like to take your riding to the next level. It might be a 100km sportive or trip abroad - you might want to try out racing or time trialling.

With this goal in mind, your plan will include bespoke training sessions based on heart rate and/or power zones, as well as considering nutritional and strength requirements.

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