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Lukas' 1st Blog: Geocaching

This week I did geocaching for the first (and second time). We used an app called “Geocaching” which gave us the locations and clues for our local caches. Our first cache was a magnetic box on a gate by the Blakedown train station. When we opened it, it contained a log book and some plastic toys which you can trade for items on you. We then went searching for our second cache. It took us 10 minutes to find the next one and it was hanging from a tree branch. The third cache was 5 minutes up the path but we struggled to find this one so we went on the app and logged that we couldn’t find this. Before we headed home we managed to find 3 more caches. I really enjoyed my first time geocaching. It was a little bit like orienteering but nice to walk sometimes. I enjoyed it so much that I did it again 2 days later but on my bike.

Lukas, aged 8.


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