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Running Programmes

Which of the following describes you best?

Getting Ready to Run

Get Into Running

Do you think of yourself as not being "a runner"? Maybe you've tried to get going on your own but have found it difficult to maintain it. We will give you the plan, coaching and motivation to help you succeed.

Running Group

Event Preparation

Have you got a challenge, event or ride that you want to tick off your bucket list?

This plan will be specific to your event and include nutritional and riding strategies that get you in the best possible place to meet your goals and enjoy them too.

Marathon Participants

Get Stronger Running

As a regular runner, you are looking for a new challenge - whether that be a distance, time or specific event you'd like to achieve.

Our programmes are scientifically-based and use biometrics (e.g. heart rate zones, stride analytics, etc.) to  help you meet your goals.

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