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Professional Mechanic Services


We offer high quality bicycle repairs and servicing. Jon is a Cytech Level 2 qualified mechanic with several years experience of working independently and with a number of local bike shops.

Whether you're looking for someone to service your bike, need a repair or simply want some advice, you can trust us to provide a high quality, bespoke, professional job. All our work is in accordance with manufacturers' guidelines, fully insured and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Standard Service - £65

We offer one option (rather than several tiered ones) as we believe each bike deserves an industry-standard professional service.

Ours includes:

  • a full check and clean of the drivetrain and relubrication

  • adjustment of braking system*

  • gear indexing adjustment

  • all bolts checked and torqued to manufacturers' specification

  • tyre, rim and wheel inspection, and basic wheel truing

  • check of all bearings and fitted accessories.

We Also Offer

Puncture repair by new inner tube fitting.

Tyre fitting including tubeless.

Wheel truing and spoke replacement.

Cone hub adjustment and service.

Gear adjustment for front and/or rear derailleur.

Gear and brake inner cable and outer housing replacement.

Rim brake adjusting (including fitting of new pads).

Cable and hydraulic disc brake adjustment (including bleeding).

New chain fitting (including sizing).

Bottom bracket replacement.

Bar tape replacement.

Our 4 Workshop Principles

Free Assessment

You won't always know what's wrong with your bike so we offer a 30 point checklist and our experience to identify any existing or potential issues. From here, we can advise you on the next steps.


We then contact you with an estimate of cost and timescale to address the issues identified.

If the work required is beyond that of our standard service due to additional parts being needed, we list these and the cost here.

In the Workshop

When you're happy with our estimate, we will begin the work. Occasionally, we identify additional issues at this stage. If this is the case for your bike, we will be in contact to inform you of these and any change to the original cost and timescale estimate.

Quality Assurance

Each bike is given a full pre-delivery inspection (PDI) in accordance with manufacturers' specifications. We test ride and then will be in contact to arrange for collection of your bike.

Thank you for your message. We will aim to respond within 24 hours.

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